Title: A Demon Killed My Babushka

Engine: Proprietary C++ Engine (Ethereal Engine)

Ascend through the ranks of Babushka’s vampiric guild of demon slayers as you take revenge for her brutal demise. Eviscerate torsos, impale heads, and wield supernatural blood powers to vanquish the demons that killed your granny. Pay tribute to the almighty Babushka by unveiling masterpieces of blood and dismembered corpses. Splatter the walls sanguine and demonstrate your power as the last living descendant of the Dhampir lineage.

Title: Wax House - Jack the Ripper

Engine: Unity

An immersive VR experience for up to 4 people that sends you back in time to a wax museum dedicated to Jack the Ripper in 1888 London. Search through the building for clues in an attempt to uncover the true identity of Jack the Ripper. Just be careful that he doesn't find you first!

Title: Splacehip

Engine: Unity

Splacehip is a strategic first-person space shooter with a sense of humor. In Splacehip, players will use virtual reality to command the cockpit of a small spaceship where they will make frantic decisions about how best to deal with the threats that endanger them in a fast paced battle for survival. The primary goal of the player is to survive as long as possible and destroy the most enemies for the highest score possible.

Pixel Cling

Title: Pixel Cling

Engine: GameMaker Studio

Pixel Cling is a short, three level platformer. Floaty jumps, wall clinging, spikes, and enemies combine to make this a frustrating challenge to those who might underestimate it because of its minimalist graphic style. You must wall jump your way through the levels while avoiding hazards if you want to reach the coveted Win Screen.

The Ritual

Title: The Ritual

Engine: Unity

The Ritual is a mesmerizing, haunting interactive experience. As players explore a dark and beautiful forest setting, they also encounter gruesome artifacts which they must collect in order to complete the mysterious, titular ritual.